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🎨 CSS-in-JS toolkit, inspired by Kouto-Swiss

koutla swiss is a rewrite of kouto swiss (a CSS framework for Stylus) in pure javascript, to be used within css-in-js tools like glamor or emotion


$ npm install --save koutla-swiss

☝️ NOTE: koutla-swiss exports cjs and esm modules.


koutla-swiss is a serie of useful, functional utilities to make CSS-in-JS (with librairies like glamor).

All the documented functions are accessibles from the root of the lib, like import {px, padding} from "koutla-swiss";.

Documentation is generated with ESDoc and hosted in koutla-swiss.js.org.


import React from "react";
import {css} from "@emotion/core";
import {rem, margin, flexrow, borderBottom, size, important, mq} from "koutla-swiss";
import {FontAwesomeIcon} from "@fortawesome/react-fontawesome";

import {BORDER_COLOR, MQ_TABLET, MQ_SMALL_DESKTOP} from "../../core/constants";

const styles = {
    container: css({
        ...margin(0, "auto", rem(3.6)),
        ...mq(MQ_TABLET, {
            marginBottom: rem(19.2),
        ...mq(MQ_SMALL_DESKTOP, {
            breakInside: "avoid",
            marginBottom: rem(9.6),
    title: css({
        ...flexrow("space-between", "center"),
        ...margin(0, "auto", rem(3.2)),
        paddingBottom: rem(0.25),
        ...borderBottom(rem(0.1), "solid", BORDER_COLOR),
        fontSize: rem(2.4),
        textAlign: "right",
    titleContent: {flex: 1},
    hideTitle: css({display: "none"}),
    icon: css({

export default ({className, title, hideTitle = false, children, icon}) => {
    let $icon;

    icon && ($icon = <FontAwesomeIcon icon={icon} css={styles.icon} />);

    return (
        <section css={styles.container} className={className}>
            <h2 css={[styles.title, hideTitle && styles.hideTitle]}>
                <span css={styles.titleContent}>{title}</span>

👉 NOTE: this sample component is taken from my resume, which relies on koutla-swiss.


Copyright (c) 2018 leny.me Licensed under the MIT license.